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Hello! Welcome to my AstroImaging pages. The first of these images were taken from my south-facing backyard at my old home in Newport Beach, California. Many were taken at the Orange County Astronomers club site out in the desert near Anza, CA; from Arizona Sky Village; or in Lake Osoyoos, Canada, using Jack Newton's observatory.

All of them were a learning experience, not only in making all this hardware and software work together, focusing, exposing, and image processing, but in finding out what beauty is out there in the universe. Enjoy!


We started a company to produce videos to explain the concepts of astronomical CCD imaging titled "CCD Imaging Techniques"!

Please click on the video box image to the left to go to the video information site:

This first video covers CCDs, telescopes, focusing, stacking, polar alignment, exposures, software, and much more!


Here is the summer 2007 configuration of the scope and CCD camera. 

The mount is an Astro-Physics AP900GTO.

The lower scope is a Takahashi FSQ-106N f/5 scope with an SBIG STL-11000 CCD camera and RoboFocus focuser, above that is a Borg 76ED guidescope with an SBIG STL remote head autoguider, and a Telrad to top it all off.

Once set up, it can all be controlled remotely from a laptop computer.

See these pages for images, tips, tricks, and customizations.


I can be reached at :

g r e g @ g r e g p y r o s . c o m

All images on this site copyright Gregory Pyros, 2000 - 2007. Non-commercial use is permitted with proper credit.